RepairDontWaste Manifesto


The resting place of our discarded electronics is a mystery to most of us

– but why should it be? 

By embracing a more hands-on approach to maintenance and repair, consumers and industry are taking direct responsibility for their contribution towards the E-waste disaster that is currently building. Sustainability is an action that is based on self-sufficiency. By encouraging industry to be accountable for their own waste and waste solutions – which can involve cutting out unnecessary waste completely through the modes of repair and maintenance – it gives the power of responsibility back to those who are actively involved. By being able to maintain their tools of production without external influences, companies can become self-reliant and untouched by the volatile landscape of electronic component shortages.  

Heavy industry has a long history of being wasteful and environmentally damaging – at Repair, Don’t Waste, we believe this image can be changed towards a sustainable, circular future.

Education is key to our movement.

Due to material shortages created by the 2020 world-wide pandemic and its aftereffects, the world has started to view repair in a more realistic light and as a more achievable reality. However, at ‘Repair, Don’t Waste’ we don’t just champion repair in times of austerity and lack; we see our movement as the future’s way of operating, permanently. 

By educating people at a base level and visiting the roots of material society, where items were valued and meticulously maintained, we believe that change can happen. Society is now at a point where this change is necessary, and the time for industry to innovate and confront the challenges of our lifetime is here! 

We do not believe that industry is intrinsically bad or evil – it has afforded us the amazing world we have today. Instead, at ‘Repair, Don’t Waste’ we believe there is a better, more sustainable way for industry to develop, and this starts with valuing our precious materials and consigning the ‘make-break-waste’ mentality to the past.


How can your organisation get involved?
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We hope our manifesto has given you some food-for-thought about the future of industrial electronics, and how we can actively fight against the growing E-waste problem by mitigating the amount of PCB wastage through repair and maintenance of crucial, expensive machinery.  

Please print your own or repost this far and wide to get the #Repairdontwaste message out to the world!