In this section, you will have access to resources about the technology, training, and standards required for the effective implementation of a ‘Repair, don’t waste’ strategy in your business or organisation. More exclusive content will be added here on a regular basis.

What is ABI Labs?

ABI Labs are short video tutorials featuring some of the most popular circuit board tests and troubleshooting techniques available in the BoardMaster and RevEng from ABI. Get to know the world’s most comprehensive yet easy-to-use benchtop tester used in predictive and corrective maintenance, obsolescence management, and lifecycle support of industrial electronics.


Watch thought-provoking content where industry leaders, engineers, and technicians working in the industry share great insights and challenge the misconceptions around industrial electronics maintenance, reverse engineering, and repair.

IPC Standards

IPC enables reliable, high-quality electronics by developing the trusted standards that drive the global electronics industry’s success. Implemented industry-wide, IPC standards simply communicate and clarify expectations for everyone within the industry. IPC standards help ensure superior quality, reliability and consistency in electronics manufacturing.

What would you like to learn next?

Choose from a range of video tutorials and recorded webinars available below.

ABI Labs RevEng Edition – Part1

No PCB documentation or circuit diagram available? Help is on the way. Introducing ABI’s RevEng Schematic Learner System. In this episode, we start our dive into ABI’s reverse engineering system RevEng which allows users to recreate schematics from any existing circuit board in good working order. RevEng not only makes the process faster, but it’s…

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ABI Labs RevEng Edition – Tutorial

In this second episode of ABI Labs RevEng Edition, we will show you how ABI’s reverse engineering system #RevEng works, the ins and out of the RevEng instrument, how to set it up, how to create a new project and generate the netlist and finally, how to import it into a CAD software to draw the schematic.

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ABI Labs Series 1

Welcome to Series 1 of ABI Labs! Throughout this series, we talk about the top power-off and safe troubleshooting tests that you can run with the BoardMaster. Our engineers will show you the best tips, techniques, and ideas implemented by companies using the BoardMaster across the world. 

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ABI Labs Series 2

We are so excited to bring you the most powerful digital functional tests and troubleshooting techniques available with the ABI BoardMaster system. Series 2 is based on power-on tests that can be performed at the PCB and component level.

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ABI Labs Series 3

In Series 3, Mohneeb and Oliver will show you how the BoardMaster can be used to test and troubleshoot analogue components and PCBs.

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ABI PCB Lifecycle Support

If you work in electronics, from quality control to service, maintenance, and repair, you now have the chance to watch back our latest webinar on PCB Lifecycle Support.

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All Systems Go Webinar

The Lights Are Going Down on a Throwaway Equipment Culture
Simply throwing out electrical equipment and updating to ‘this year’s model’ is wasteful, expensive and causes problems of pollution and toxins, especially in emerging economies. It does not have to be this way.

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IPC-7711/21 – Revision C – Standard Only Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies. This guide provides procedures for rework, repair and modification of printed board assemblies.

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IPC-A-610 – Revision D – Amendment 1 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies. IPC-A-610 is the most widely used electronics assembly standard in the world.

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