I am a firm believer that real sustainability is not only achieved by producing energy with renewable means but also by extending the life cycle of the very components that generate that green electricity!

Héctor Jaime ObregónWind Lead Electrical Engineer - GE Renewable Energy

I am pleased with the BoardMaster acquisition by VLT. It’s a fantastic, exceptionally versatile tool. A great ally to diagnose faults in electronic boards with precision.

Claudio MarinsElectronic service engineer, VLT Carioca.

Repairing is investing in a greener future for our children. With the right equipment and training, you can repair anything.

George SebaalyIndustrial Electrical Supervisor at Technica International

We are able to diagnose and repair over 90% of the circuit boards from modern locomotives. Programmed devices rarely cause us issues as they are usually well protected by other components.

Kanat MamonovEngineering Manager at Alstom

Repairing electronic boards, complex or simple, will always be cheaper than buying a new one. It greatly reduces downtime too if you have the right tool for the job.

Ricardo RodriguesBesserdruck Owner

The losses from just one hour of any machine that is not in operation are a huge deal. Having the means to diagnose and repair it locally is key in times of component shortage and supply chain issues.

Sankalp MandlikTech Consultant

I believe more than 95% of faulty boards can be repaired. Easily!
It is worth the effort when you take into consideration the rising costs of materials and extensive lead times.

Panagiotis TsepnidisEpilson Logic Owner