Repair for Everyone Podcast by Repair, Don’t Waste

Welcome to our exclusive Repair, Don’t Waste podcast to celebrate Repair Day 2023!

This years theme – Repair for Everyone – tackles the accessibility aspect of repair – many manufacturers do not want customers to repair, and many government bodies are slow to action in terms of support. Today I’ll be speaking to Willian Santos on the topic of how the Repair Don’t Waste movement sheds a different light on how repair can – and should – be made accessible to everyone and every business.

Turning Electronic Waste into Gold – The Solution to ‘E-Waste Guilt’? 

The Royal Mint has revealed plans to build a “world-first” plant in South Wales to recover gold from UK electronic waste. The pioneering facility will help address the growing environmental issue of E-Waste, alongside fostering invaluable skills in Britain’s job market When complete in 2023, the new venture will support about 40 jobs. Although the Royal Mint recycling plant is an exciting prospect for many, it does not address the root of the issue – why are we wasting electronics rather than repairing them?