How the global defence sector uses Repair, Don’t Waste to achieve astounding results

Throughout the years, Repair, Don’t Waste has built a strong relationship with the global defence sector by facilitating the repair of incredibly valuable assets in numerous settings. Such projects have included collaborations with the UK MoD, the Hellenic Airforce, and the Saudi Navy, but the partnership developed with the U.S Army has undoubtably yielded one of the most impressive single repair results that Repair, Don’t Waste have seen so far.

Alstom collaboration with Repair, Don’t Waste goes from strength to strength.

Global rail operator Alstom have been fans of the Repair, Don’t Waste mindset since their first investment in specialist test and troubleshooting technology in 2015, equipping their Chilean site with the in-house capabilities to repair their own faulty circuit boards. In 2023, Alstom have 11 locations across 3 continents that are Repair, Don’t Waste members and expect this number to increase significantly as net-zero target dates grow ever closer. The close relationship between Repair, Don’t Waste and Alstom is crucial to their long-term sustainability plans – and here’s why.

Repair for Everyone Podcast by Repair, Don’t Waste

Welcome to our exclusive Repair, Don’t Waste podcast to celebrate Repair Day 2023!

This years theme – Repair for Everyone – tackles the accessibility aspect of repair – many manufacturers do not want customers to repair, and many government bodies are slow to action in terms of support. Today I’ll be speaking to Willian Santos on the topic of how the Repair Don’t Waste movement sheds a different light on how repair can – and should – be made accessible to everyone and every business.

EwasteDay-Invisible E-Waste and the impact of Repair

This year’s International E-Waste Day is centred around shedding light on ‘invisible’ electronic waste owned by the world’s consumers. Electronic items permeate every corner of our living environments in the western world – from homes, to offices, to shops and community centres, you can find multiple electronics in every modern-day situation. E-Waste Day focuses on what happens to these items when they are no longer working or become obsolete in our lives. At #RepairDontWaste we ask – what happens to industrial electronics when they too have served their purpose?

All Systems Go Webinar

The Lights Are Going Down on a Throwaway Equipment Culture
Simply throwing out electrical equipment and updating to ‘this year’s model’ is wasteful, expensive and causes problems of pollution and toxins, especially in emerging economies. It does not have to be this way.