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Your investment in the specialist troubleshooting technology you see before you has a far wider impact than you may realise.

With your investment comes an entire new world of possibilities, powered by the skills of electronic repair. At #RepairDontWaste, we have seen community members repair units that saved upwards of 10 million dollars using repair and maintenance techniques and the infamous SYSTEM 8 technology – outstanding results which we hope every company can achieve with their own application.

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Share your latest #RepairHeroannouncements.

Use your social media channels to show the public and wider industry how your technicians vitally contribute to your business operations. Repair technicians and engineers are unsung heroes, and we want to change that!


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Why should your company embrace #RepairDontWaste?

Our mission is to make in-house electronics repair the 'norm'. This does not come without challenges...

Repair is often forgotten...

Repairing electronics is seen as a dying art that is no longer needed by many in industry. This attitude, combined with OEM refusal to facilitate the repair of modern circuit boards, has led to the gradual decline of skilled repair technicians and engineers. The make-break-waste economy has increasingly ruled the industry over the past decades, with PCBs being discarded into the ever growing mountain of global E-waste. And yet, times are changing.

... but is needed now more than ever!

Since 2015, Repair, Don't Waste has championed the repair of PCBs in industries such as defence, aerospace, automotive, and renewable energy, however the shortages and panic that 2020 brought have increased demand for repair considerably. These events, combined with the global push towards net-zero emissions and wider sustainability, have propelled our movement forward at an unimaginable pace. Finally, repair as a viable solution to E-waste is in the spotlight!

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